American Bionics Pathfinder Program: Startup Application Page

A New Hope…Supporting Bionics Entrepreneurs

Welcome! The Pathfinder Program is the central program of the American Bionics Project, a nonprofit working to make wheelchairs and walkers obsolete by fostering the development of revolutionary mobility tech. If you are a bionics entrepreneur, our goal is to help refine your planning, polish your pitch, and connect you with the resources you need to rapidly develop and deliver life-changing solutions to market.

Our Support, Your Success

If accepted into our program, startups will receive three things free of charge:

  1. Strategic business coaching
  2. Personalized pitch / pitch deck feedback
  3. Introductions to (and matchmaking with) startup incubators, accelerators, investors and other valuable third-party resources (along with tailored advice to help maximize your chances of success with these partners).

Accepted startups may be highlighted on the American Bionics Project’s website and social media.

How to Apply

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and startups may apply at any time. For additional information, please see our frequently asked questions, below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost to the startup to participate in the program?

No, the Pathfinder Program is free.

Is the Pathfinder Program virtual or in-person?

 To maximize accessibility and reach, our program is virtual.

Who can apply?

Startups and small businesses developing solutions for people with lower-limb disabilities (e.g., paralysis, injury, disease, amputation, aging, etc.).

We specifically work with those who are passionate about technologies that help people regain or improve freedom of upright mobility, including but not limited to prostheses, orthoses, wearable robotics, rehabilitative devices, exoskeletons, and neurotechnology.

You must have a registered company (e.g., LLC, C-Corp).

Startups do not need to be located in the United States, but application materials need to be submitted in English.

What factors do you consider?

The team: your background, commitment, passion, and abilities.

The alignment: your solution should clearly address lower-limb disability.

The tech: your product or service should visibly move the needle by making current technologies better, making current technologies more accessible, or making current technologies obsolete.

How long does the application process take?

The entire application process should take no more than an hour of your time.

Overall, we employ a three-step process that includes an online application, virtual interview, and final review.

Can I skip the coaching and just reach out directly to your partners?

 No. These organizations have partnered with us with the understanding that we will first pre-vet, refine, and thoughtfully align applicants before they connect with their teams. Please know that these organizations receive many applicants, and by going around our programming / reaching out directly, you are greatly reducing your chances of success.

Do I need to send you a business plan or pitch deck?

These are helpful but not required. However, if you do not have a pitch deck and/or business plan, you will be expected to develop them as part of your work with us.

What does the Pathfinder Program entail?

The program involves several virtual meetings where we will help refine your plan, pitch, and path forward. These coaching calls can take anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes each. The number of coaching calls will depend on each startup’s unique needs and goals. Additional time between meetings will be needed to refine pitch decks, business plans, etc.

Do you fund research?

No. We are specifically focused on technology translation and supporting those innovators who want to bring solutions to market and help those in need. If you are a researcher who is passionate about getting your ideas out of the lab, let’s talk. Please click here to contact us. However, any projects that are strictly university or research-oriented are not a fit for us.